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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week One

Taken the plunge after thinking about it for so long. Bought a few bits and bobs and off we go.

Starting off simple by making a few elasticated bracelets they are nice and colourful which is my preference.

Threw a few jump rings in the bin after several attemps of trying to connect them sheesh i will get the hang of this.

Love the colour of this one. I have some nicer beads on order but i really do need to practice with these findings. Practice does make perfect (or so im told)

There are still some things i need to buy but its a case of buying things slowly at the moment.

Am waiting for dates for a beginners class in jewellery making then perhaps i will feel more confident.

I would love to have a website displaying my designs but that is all in the future " Lets not run before i can walk". At the moment im loving memory wire now hmmm let me think why ..... yes thats right i dont have to come to terms with bleeding jump rings etc. Now lets see what week two hold for me .    Thanks for reading my antics of week one, im sure theres much more that ive missed out but let a gal have some dignity lol


  1. I think it looks great. It does take a while to get used to using jumprings. I have some basic tutorials on my website if you want to have a look.

  2. I love the colours and texture you have got into your necklace. Good luck with your blog!