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Friday, 1 July 2011

Getting there !!!!

Handmade Monday

Just thought i would post before i go to start my twelve hour shift, at least  from 1pm tomorrow im off for twelve days.

Been putting together a few bits on the limited time ive had this week (due to getting a bug).

Im pleased to announce just when i thought i had mastered jump rings along come split rings geez this jewellery making does try to test my patience. I really would like to try some chain maile so will be looking at some resources for projects for beginners to at least i can give it a whirl.

Sold three of my bracelets this week to an aquaintance as she wanted presents for her teachers assistants but
at least its a start. Well i suppose i had better get myself sorted for work. Hope you are are well and your creative juices are flowing .....Happy creating love Julie xxx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The remainder of week two

handmade monday
Hi Folks

How is everyone? Just got in from work so i thought i would just pop in and say hello and post a couple of pics of my latest bracelets, i quite like them and i hope you do too.

I started a page on facebook called Jewellery Jar to get other people looking at my designs, whether that will help i dont know but nothing lost doing it.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Week Two

Back to the grindstone this week, so my creating has had to take a bit of a back seat. But i have found time to do a couple of pieces.
Love to know what my followers think.

This one is made from orange crystals in silver spacers. Im loving that im getting used to jump rings at last lol.

This one is made using red miracle beads pearls and silver filigree . I was quite pleased with this one.

I decided to match these powder blue beads with hermatite, it came out quite nice.

This week i hope to use some semi precous stones that my partner got me. I will post my creations.
I have been looking at websites to display my jewellery and im baffled by the choice so if someone has any recommendations please let me know.
Hope all my followers have had a good week.  xxxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Still week one

Handmade Monday

Well its been a long day at work but on the plus side my friend contacted me today as she wants me to make her earrings for her wedding day im thinking i better get practicing with them damn jump rings at least the wedding is not till Nov.

Im off Wed and Thursday so im hoping to have some stuff to share with you all.

Im getting supplies delivered on a daily basis. So with the exception of time nothing is stopping me.

Im really looking forward to learning this craft and im so determined that i will suceeed.

Here are some of my first attempts, please be honest about them (i can take it).....

HandMade Monday

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Still week one

Well back to work tomorrow not looking forward to it at all. Wont get much time this week to create as i am doing an extra shift. I have some supplies coming this week, so thats something to look forward to, ill be like a child on christmas day except i know whats in the parcel, see a kid at heart.
Had some nice comments about my blog so thanks to you all.

Happy to be told about Handmade Monday so hope this gets to you all as i have not got a clue what im doing.

Well as im back to work better get myself organised so i will leave you with a couple of items i have dabbled with, so its onwards and upwards.

Week One

Taken the plunge after thinking about it for so long. Bought a few bits and bobs and off we go.

Starting off simple by making a few elasticated bracelets they are nice and colourful which is my preference.

Threw a few jump rings in the bin after several attemps of trying to connect them sheesh i will get the hang of this.

Love the colour of this one. I have some nicer beads on order but i really do need to practice with these findings. Practice does make perfect (or so im told)

There are still some things i need to buy but its a case of buying things slowly at the moment.

Am waiting for dates for a beginners class in jewellery making then perhaps i will feel more confident.

I would love to have a website displaying my designs but that is all in the future " Lets not run before i can walk". At the moment im loving memory wire now hmmm let me think why ..... yes thats right i dont have to come to terms with bleeding jump rings etc. Now lets see what week two hold for me .    Thanks for reading my antics of week one, im sure theres much more that ive missed out but let a gal have some dignity lol